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R2CTPO 2040 LRTP Documents

2040 LONG RANGE TRANSPORTATION PLAN (As modified on April 8, 2016)



      Chapter 1 –Introduction

     Chapter 2 –Vision, Goals, Objectives and Performance Measures

     Chapter 3 –Demographic, Socioeconomic and Land Use Data

     Chapter 4 –Financial Plan

     Chapter 5 –Public Outreach

     Chapter 6 –Technical Planning Process

     Chapter 7 –Cost Feasible Plan

     Chapter 8 –Environmental Considerations

     Chapter 9 –Multimodal/Group Projects

     Chapter 10 –LRTP Amendment Procedure


     A              Constrained Trend Socioeconomic Forecast Methodology

     B              Alternative Land Use Socioeconomic Forecast Methodology

     C              Environmental Justice

     D              Revenue Forecast

     E               Public Involvement Plan

     F               CFRPM Model Calibration Report

     G              2040 LRTP Model Development Output

     H              Local Project Needs Candidate Submittal Form

     I               Evacuation Routes

     J               Congestion Management Process

     K              Resolution 2015-18

     L              Letter, Volusia County Local Projects

     M             Existing + Committed (E+C) Projects


The following linked documents pertain to the 2040 LRTP. Please feel free to review these documents and comment on any area that you may have concerns or questions about. Public comments can be made under the contact tab.

Executive Resolution 2016-06 (Adopting the 2040 LRTP)

R2CTPO 2040 LRTP Summary- Adopted by the R2CTPO on September 23, 2015

R2CTPO 2040 LRTP "Tell the TPO" Survey Campaign Summary Report

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