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The LRTP planning effort is supplemented by the input of several subcommittees. These are described below. 


The LRTP Subcommittee reviews the technical data involved in the development of the Plan. Activities of the LRTP Subcommittee include establishing a project schedule, developing a vision and goals for the plan, reviewing technical documents and data, etc. The subcommittee was established in March 2014 and typically meets on the fourth Friday of every month at 9:00 a.m. at the R2CTPO. Extra meetings are scheduled as needed. All meetings will be properly noticed and open to the public. An agenda will be developed in advance of each meeting with an opportunity for citizens to provide comment or be heard on any matter pertinent to the business of the subcommittee. Meeting agendas and summaries will be posted here. Please refer to the calendar for meeting information. 

LRTP Subcommittee Agendas

LRTP Subcommittee Summaries



The Oversight Committee is composed of two (2) TPO Board members, the Chairman of the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC), the Chairman of the Citizens Advisory Council (CAC), the Chairman of the BPAC, Executive Director of the TPO (advisory), the TPO Project Manager (advisory), and a representative from the FDOT District 5 (advisory). The Oversight Committee  is primarily responsible for ensuring completion of key milestones required for plan development. The committee meets quarterly. Meeting information will be posted.

Oversight Subcommittee Agendas

Oversight Summaries



The Land-Use Working Group (Subcommittee) consists of land-use planners and developers representing both the public and private sectors. The Land-Use Subcommittee will be involved in developing future year socio-economic data sets as well as growth and development alternatives. 

Land Use Working Group Agendas

Land Use Subcommittee Summaries


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