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Vision for the 2040 LRTP

The starting point for the development of the 2040 LRTP included identifying an overall vision as well as a set of goals to help guide the planning process.

The intent is for the vision statement and goals to be clear and understandable to everyone involved and to reflect the values of the community. We will continue to re-visit our vision and goals throughout the planning effort to ensure our activities proceed with consideration to these attributes. We also welcome the thoughts of our community in shaping these statements as we move through the planning effort. Please read these items and feel free to make suggestions if you believe they should be modified. 

Year 2040 LRTP Vision

Our transportation system will provide a safe and accessible range of options that enhances existing communities while providing mobility in a fiscally responsible, energy efficient, and environmentally compatible manner. This integrated system will support economic development, allowing for the effective movement of all people, goods, and services necessary to maintain and enhance our quality of life. 

Year 2040 LRTP Goals

Goal 1 Provide a Balanced and Efficient Multimodal Transportation System

Goal 2 Support Economic Development.

Goal 3 Enhance Connectivity and Transportation Choices.

Goal 4 Improve Safety and Security.

Goal 5 Continue to Provide and Create New Quality Places.

Goal 6 Provide Transport Equity and Encourage Public Participation.

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