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About the 2040 LRTP

The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a 25 year projection that will identify strategies to satisfy the transportation needs of the River to Sea TPO Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). 

Its purpose is to identify strategies and develop a transportation system to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.The plan takes a multi-modal approach, including consideration of bicycle, pedestrian, and transit facilities.  The activities required to develop this plan began in the spring of 2014 and must be adopted by September 2015. 
The TPO has executed a contract with Ghyabi & Associates Inc. to develop the 25-year Long Range Transportation Plan. 

The planning effort provides an opportunity to:

    • Take stock of our current resources and system limitations;
    • Reach out to partner organizations and the public to identify future challenges and opportunities;
    • Define our collective plans and desires for the future;
    • Prioritize efforts and to seek opportunities for developing cohesively.
    • Involve the public in ways that are meaningful and measurable in order to reflect community values and benefit all segments of the population equally.
    • Use existing data and performance measures to develop transportation alternatives.

Throughout the development of the plan, we will be seeking innovative ways to enhance mobility within the community. This plan is developed with regard to the intents and requirements of the Moving Ahead for Progress (MAP 21) Act, passed in July 2012 and will continue to place an increased emphasis on the preservation of existing assets as well as the operations and management of both highway and transit systems. Further, quality-of-life issues and non-motorized modes of transportation will continue to receive increased attention.  

About the River to Sea TPO

The River to Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is the duly designated and constituted body responsible for carrying out the urban transportation planning and programming process for designated Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). The TPO’s  planning area includes Volusia County, Beverly Beach, Flagler Beach and portions of the cities of Palm Coast and Bunnell, as well as portions of unincorporated Flagler County.

The River to Sea TPO Board consists of elected officials from the member local governments.   These dedicated individuals are responsible for working together to improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation system in the area served by the TPO.  All modes and concerns are addressed including: transportation issues and services for the transportation disadvantaged, public transportation, roadways, bridges, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The River to Sea Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) map




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